Advertising Agencies
Agriculture Equipment
Aluminiums Extrusion
Architects / Vastu Shastra
Army Suppliers/Stores
Audio Video Equipment
Automobile Accessories
Automobile Agencies
Automobile Lubricants & Oil
Automobile Sale/Purchase
Automobiles Repairs
Ayurvedic Medicine Dealers
Bag & Briefcases
Bakeries & Confectionaries
Banquet & Marriage Palace
Battery Suppliers & Repair
Beauty Parlors/Hair Saloon
Blood Bank / Donner
Book Shops/Stationery
Boutiques & Tailors
Building Contractor
Building Materials
Cable & Wire-Mfgs
Casting / Foundry
Cattle Feed
Ceramic Allied
Chemical Industries
Cinema Halls
Clinical Laboratory
Cloth Merchants
Coach Builder
Communication Services
Computer Center/Institutes
Computer Hardware
Cosmetics/Bridal Wear
Courier Cargo Services
Crane / JCB
Curtain Designer
Cyber Cafes
D.J. & Sound System
Dance Institutes
Dhoop Mfgs..
Disposable Crockery
Distance Learning Centre
Driving Schools
Dry Cleaners & Dyers
Edible Refind Oil Mfg
Electronic Goods
Engineering Works
Fancy Dress Material
Fertilizers & Seeds
Finance & Investment
Fish Aquarium
Flower Decorator
Food / Beverages
Foot wears
Fruit/Juice & Vegetable
Gas Agencies
General Order Supplier
General Stores
Generator Dealer/Mfg/Spare
Gift Shops
Grain Dealers / Commi.Agent
Hardware Shops
Health Clubs/Gym
Home Appliances
House Keeping Product
Ice Cream Dealers
Immigration Services
Import / Sourcing
Interior Decorators
Iron & Steel
IT Companies
Leather Merchant
Machinery / Mills
Marble House
Marketing Consaltent
Marriage Bureau
Mobile Phone/Accessories
Mobile Phone Repairing
Musical Instruments
News Papers
Optical Shops
Petrol Pump/Lubricants
Pet Clinic & Product
Photo Frame
Photographers / Studios
Placement Services
Plastic Industries
Play way School
Plywood Shops
Printing Press
Product mfg
Property Dealer/Consultant
Readymade Garments
Refrigeration Sale/Service
Restaurants / Fast Food
Rice Exporters
Rice Mill
Rubber Processing Units
Scientific Instruments
Security Services
Share Brokers/Consultants
Sports Goods
Study Centre
Submersible Pump/Motors
Sweets Shops
Tent House/Bister Bhandar
Tent Mfg
Tiffin Services
Tile Industries
Timber Merchants
Tours And Travels
Tractor Dealers
Trade Mark Regd. / ISO
Tyre Dealers
Under Garments
Watch Dealers
Weighing Equipments
Welding Works

Ambala City :-
Dr. Ashok Baveia Baveja Hospital, Near Old Session Courts, Ambala City 2553527
Hony. Secretary
Dr. Sudhir Mehta Shivam Burns & Plastic Surgery Manocha Hospital, Arya Chowk, Ambala City. 9729058872
Jt. Secretary/Treasurer
Dr. Rishi Gautam Aggarwal Sri Onkar Eye & ENT Clinic Near Govt. Polytechnic, Ambala City. 9812187821
Vice President
Dr. Kapil Vohra Kapil Eye Hospital 240, Vivek Vihar, Ambala City. 9896424351
Vice President
Dr. Sanjay Aggarwal M. M. Hospital 6, Police Line, Ambala City. 9896121133
Dr. Aditya Ranjan (MD. DNB) 13, Model Town, Ambala City. 9416021171
Dr. Aditi Vohra (M. D. Radiodignosis)
Dr. Ravi Vohra (M. S.(Opth.)
337, Model Town, Ambala City. 9215142422, 9215242422
Dr. Ajay Madan (MBBS, M.D.)
Dr. Namrata Madan (MBBS)
73, Kanshi Nagar, Model Town Ambala City. 9416024751, 9354745751
Dr. Amit Nayyar (M.D. Psy.) 689, lnder Nagar, Ambala City. 2554450(C), 9812127881
Dr. Amit Gupta (M.S. (Opth.) DNB)
Dr. Shilpa Goyal (M.D. (Path.)
406-P, Sec.-1, Jail Land Colony, Ambala City. 9471400860, 8059860860
Dr. Anand Jindal (M. D. Skin)
Dr. Archana Jindal (D. G. O.)
H. No-1, Sector-1, Jail Land, Ambala City. 9416276189, 9416495097
Dr. Ashish Jain (MBBS, DMRD)
Dr. Himani Jain (MBBS, MD Anaesthesia)
# 573, Sec.-7, Urban Estate, Ambala City. 9991152929, 9034608800
Dr. Ashok Baveja (M. D. (Med.)
Dr. (Mrs.) Nirmala Baveja (D.G.O)
Baveja Hosp., Nr. Old Session Court, Ambala City. 9416155827, 9416555497
Dr. Ashok Sarwal (M.S. Orthopedics)
Dr. Savita Sarwal (MBBS)
Sanval Hospital, Near Arya Chowk, Ambala City. 9416025535, 9812032046
Dr. Ashwani Bahl (MBBS) # 1365 Sec-9, Urban Estate, Ambala City. 2532365, 9463939273
Dr. Arun Chaudhary (M.S. ENT)
Dr. Sunita (MBBS)
City ENT Clinic, Polytechnic Chowk, Ambala City. 3202266, 9896256970
Dr. Awan Chaudhary (MD Pediatrics)
Dr. Pooja (MBBS)
# 846, Sec.-7, Urban Estate, Ambala City. 2552000, 9416145200
Dr. Brijender Budhi Raja (M. D. Ped.) # 690, lnder Nagar, Ambala City. 2553440, 9812025440
Dr. Bal Krishan Sharma (MBBS, MD) H. No-158 Jaggi Colony, Baldev Nagar Ambala City. 9416763145
Dr. Charu Sharma (MBBS) 7, New Kailash Nagar, Model Town, Ambala City. 2523126, 989642805
Dr. Charanjeet Singh Notay (MBBS, MS ENT) H. No-17, Doctors Colony, Civil Hospital, Ambala City. 2443015, 9996073015
Civil Surgeon Ambala City. 2557473, 9215156170
Dr. Dev Raj Gupta (MBBS, FCGP) Swami Dayanand Marg, Ambala City. 2519506, 9896504402
Dr. Dinesh Kumar Goyal (M. D.)
Dr. Sangita Goyal (MBBS)
188, Sec.-7, Ambala City. 9416097575, 9466510498
Dr. D. S. Jaspal (MBBS)
Dr. (Mrs.) Reeta Jaspal (MBBS)
Jaspal Nursing Home, 69, Model Town, Ambala City. 9416020051, 9315600169
Dr. G. Kumar (Major) 10547, Ward-6, Ambata City. 2531669, 9896000615
Dr. H. S. Sabharwal (MBBS, MD Pediatrics)
Dr. Jatinder Kaur Sabharwal (MBBS)
Police Line Crossing, Ambala City. 9416900060, 9034110424
Dr. Harjinder Singh Balu 992, Housing Board Colony, Sec.-8, Ambala City. Ph.: 9996000873
Dr. Harsh Kushwaha (MBBS, DNB, F.I.C.R HCMS)
Dr. Neelam Kushwaha (MBBS, HCMS)
3, Kanshi Nagar, Opp. INCO Factory, Ambala City. 9466466369, 9416447297
Dr. Hambir Majumdar (MD (Medicine) # 14 Doctor Colony, C. H., Ambala City. 2553703, 9896054343
Dr. J. P. Gupta J. P. Surgical Hospital, Polytechnic Chowk, Ambala City. 2557041, 9416020873
Dr. J. S. Cooner (MBBS, DCH)
Dr. Nalini Cooner (MBBS, MS Eye)
# 367, Sec.-8, U. E., Ambala City. 9315114590, 9896201744
Dr. J. S. Sodhi (L.C. PQS Bombay) 8624/5 Railway Road, Ambala City. 9813605385
Dr. Kailash Chaudhary (MBBS) 29-L, Model Town, Ambata City. 9896069068, 9896069068
Dr. K. G. Gupta Philadelphia Mission Hospital Ambala City. 2553518, 9812063835
Dr. K. K. Bhatia (MBBS, MD., Skin & VD) Skin & Dental Clinic, Opp. Old Session Court, Ambala City. 2553803, 9896012772
Dr. K. K. Gulati (MBBS, MD Paed.)
Dr. Prerna Gulati (MBBS, MD Pathology)
Aggrsain Chowk, Ambala City. 9354191434, 9467003905
Dr. K. K. Mehta (MBBS, D. Ortho.) 235, Model Town, Ambala City. 2521552, 9896101335
Dr. Kapil Vohra (MBBS, MS, Opth.)
Dr. (Mrs.) Anju Vohra (MBBS, MD, Path.)
K. E. Hospital, 240 Vivek Vihar, Ambala City. 9896424351, 9354451333
Dr. Kiran Chanan (MBBS)
Dr. Hema Chanan (MBBS)
15, Model Town, Ambala City. 9354706980, 9355204215
Dr. Kiran Kumar Singal (MBBS, MD Medicine) Kiran Hospital, Bal Bhawan Road, Ambala City. 2556504, 9416181214
Dr. K. L. Jain (MBBS) # 391, Bank Colony, Ambala City. 2553795, 9671779723
Dr. K. S. Rana (MBBS, D.P.M. Psychiatry.) # 494, Sec.- 10, HUDA, Ambala City. 2531166, 9416156807
Dr. Kuldip Kumar (M. D. Medicine) Police Line Chowk, Ambala City. 250014, 9416069441
Dr. L. N. Garg (M.S., E.N.T.) # 133-A, Sec.-1, Jail Land, Ambala City. 2550022, 9896320022
Dr. Manoj Aggarwal (MD Medicine)
Dr. Manisha Aggarwal (MS, ENT)
10, Sec.-1, Ambala City. 9354415272, 9416327111
Dr. Mandeep Singh MBBS, MD (SKIN, VD & Leprosy) # 1235, Sec.-10, Ambala City. 9812524512
Dr. Manmeet Singh (M.D. Medicine)
Dr. Arvinder (DNB Radiology)
# 369, Sec.-9, U. E. Ambata City. 9896034945, 9416343998
Dr. M. K. Majithia (MBBS)
Dr. Usha Majithia (MBBS, DTCD)
52, Vikas Vihar, Ambala City. 2554352, 9355690751
Dr. M. K. Gupta (MBBS, MS) M. K. Surgical Kapital, 568, Treasury Road, Ambala City. 2556456, 9254151888
Dr. Mahesh Manocha
Dr. (Mrs.) Gurmeet Manocha
Arya Chowk, Ambala City. 9812043183, 9354453647
Dr. M. L. Garg
Dr. (Mrs.) Pushpa Garg
Bal Bhawan Road, Polytechnic Chowk, Ambala City. 9896050031
Dr. Monika Sharma (B.D.S.)
Mr. Goutam Sharma (B.Com)
# 6 Sec.-7, Opp. Galaxy Mall, Ambala City. 9991519498, 9812043137
Dr. Multan Singh (M.S., D.N.B. (Gen. Surgery) 18-A, Civil Line, Jail Land, Ambala City. 2550955, 9416025170
Dr. Neelam Thapar (MBBS, ECFMG) 822, Sec.-7, Urban Estate, Ambala City. 2551643, 9896122703
Dr. Naresh Jindal (M.D. Pediatrics, MBBS)
Dr. Sarika Aggarwal (MBBS, DGO)
lshwar Hospital, Spatu Road, Ambala City. 9050920350, 9813320909
Dr. N. K. Bedi (D.A.)
Dr. (Mrs.) Aruna Bedi
7, Vikas Vihar, Ambala City. 2553752, 9896178652
Dr. N. P. Jindal (DCH)
Dr. (Mrs.) Sunanda Jindal
4, Jail Land Colony, Sec.-1, Ambala City. 2551050, 9416496740
Dr. N. P. Singh (MS Surgery)
Dr. (Mrs.) Gurpreet Kaur
Old Treasury Road, Ambala City. 2556820, 9416026342
Dr. Naresh Sharma
Dr. (Mrs.) Rachna Sharma
122 Vikas Vihar, Ambala City. 9454752562, 9354753563
Dr. P. C. Sharma (M.S., OPH) Arya Chowk, Ambala City. 2553233, 9896081381
Dr. P. K. Modi (MBBS) 107-R, Model Town, Ambala City. 2521107, 9017125778
Dr. P. N. Chhabra (MBBS) 350 Sec.-9, Ambala City. 2534755, 2534756
Dr. Parshotam Verma (M.S. D.O., MBBS) 648, H. B. Colony, Sec.-7, Ambala City. 2557219, 9896109566
Dr. Pavneesh Aggarwal (M.S.) # 15, Doctor Colony, Civil Hospital, Ambala City. 2552666, 9315433948
Dr. Parveen Gupta (M.D., Medicine)
Dr. Nidhi Jain (M.D., Pathology)
# 297, Sec.-7, Ambala City. 9416178006, 9416089401
Dr. Pawan Jindal (MBBS., MS) 49 Manali House, Jail Road, Ambala City. 2556030, 9416192039
Dr. Pankaj Garg (M.D., Medicine)
Dr. Arpita Garg (M.D., Medicine)
19-A, Civil Line, Nr. Session Court, Ambala City. 9466183623, 94665061 37
Dr. Parampal Singh Dhillon (MBBS, MS)
Dr. (Mrs.) Harvinder Kaur (MBBS, MD Path.)
Dhillon Hospital, Jalbera Road, Ambala City. 2535201, 9728700272
Dr. Pawan Kumar Chhatwal MBBS, MD, (Dermatology) 315, Sec.-9, Ambala City. 9466954524
Dr. Prabhjot Jaspal Duke MS (Surgery) DMAS, FMAS 69, Model Town, Ambala City. 9467680200
Dr. R. C. Jindal (MBBS, M.S. Ortho.) # 407 Sec.-1 (Part), Jail Land, Ambala City. 2553652, 8059931996
Dr. R. K. Kaushal (MBBS, DOMS) # 406, Sec.-8, U.E., Ambala City. 9896381533
Dr. R. Kumar (M.D. Medicine) # 416-A, Sec.-8, New Grain Market Road, Ambala City. 2533865, 9416391359
Dr. R. S. Garg (MBBS, DOMS, MD (Eye) # 350, Sec.-8, Huda, Ambala City. 2533478, 9896577225
Dr. Raj Kumar Gupta (MS Ophthalmology) 792, Sec.-7, Ambala City. 2552442, 9896564834
Dr. R. K. Sharma M.D., D, NB, D Card (Austria)
Dr. Madhu Lakshmi
RKM Hospital, 567-C, Treasury Road, Ambala City. 9416026743, 9729063884
Dr. Rakesh Mehndirata (M.S. Ortho.)
Mrs. Seema
Mehndirata Hospital, Manali House, Ambala City. 9896353240, 9996991717
Dr. Ram Gopal Sharma
M. S. (Gen. Surgery )DNB
# 17, Sec.-9, Ambala City. 9812155799
Dr. Rajiv Mahendru (MBBS, MD, OBG)
Dr. Tina Anand Mahendru (MBBS, D. A)
# 7, Doctor Colony, Ambala City. 9416086483, 9416084115
Dr. Ravi Garg (MD Medicine) 567, Treasury Road, Aggarsain Chowk, Ambala City. 2556795, 9812027003
Dr. Rajeev Aggarwal (MBBS, MS)
Dr. Manisha Aggarwal (MBBS, DNB (Radio.)
# 10, Sec.-1, Ambala City. 9416100897, 9896226331
Dr. Rajat Mathur (MBBS, D.O.MS.)
Dr. Sangeeta Mathur (MBBS, D.C.H)
9, lnder Nagar, Police Line Road, Ambala City. 9416020376, 9416004376
Dr. Rabinder Nath Sharma (MBBS, PGDMGH)
Dr. Sunita Sharma (MBBS, PGDMCH)
# 968, Sec.-9, Ambala City. 2531677, 9416156050
Dr. Rajiv Arora (M.S.)
Dr. Kavita Oberoi (M.D.)
# 383, Sec.-7, Ambala City. 9896814453, 9896814468
Dr. Ramesh Kumar Patnaik (MBBS DPM) # 596, lnder Nagar, Ambala City. 2554335, 9466389088
Dr. Rishabh Bansal (MBBS, MD, Ortho.)
Dr. Surbhi Bansal (MBBS, M.S. Surgery)
# 881, Sec.-9, Ambala City. 9466509150, 9466209091
Dr. Rishi Gautam Aggarwal (M.S. ENT)
Dr. Jaspreet Aggarwal (DOMS, DNB Ophthal)
508 , Sec.-7, Ambasla City. 9812187821, 9416491963
Dr. Rajinder Mann (M.S. Orthopedic) Aggarsain Chowk, Ambala City. 2556386, 9416545306
Dr. Raj Kamal Grewal (Dental Surgeon) Centre SCO-111, Sec.-7, Ambala City. 9416333333, 9896833333
Dr. Rakesh Bali (MBBS)
Dr. (Mrs.) Saroj Bali
Bali Clinic, Baldev Nagar, Ambala City. 9896050907, 9996478523
Dr. (Mrs.) Raj Soni (MBBS) 1882/3, Ambala City. 2557933, 9468368975
Dr. Raj Bedi 954, Urban Estate, Sec.-7, Ambala City. 2530676, 9896722340
Dr. Ruchi Mittal Opp. Model Town Club, Ambala City. 9896840229
Dr. S. L. Kaushik (MBBS) 121, Vikas Vihar, Ambala City. 2550066, 9466716222
Dr. S. K. Gupta (M.S. Surgery) # 411, Sec.-1, Ambala City. 2552075, 9896092643
Dr. Satya Paul Behl (MBBS, MD Radiology)
Dr. Anuradha Behl (MBBS, MD Peds.)
Circular Road, Ambala City. 9896218604, 9813486454
Dr. Sant Ram Arora (MD Medicine)
Dr. Veenu Arora (MD Gynae.)
14 Civil Line, Ambala City. 9315812483, 9896798049
Dr. Sat Dev Gupta (MBBS, DCH); 860, Urban Estate, Sec.-7, Ambala City. 2553273, 9896400860
Dr. Satish Kumar Madaan (MBBS, FCGP) Near Court Chowk, Ambala City. 2530850, 9896085237
Dr. Satish Kumar Madaan (MBBS, FCGP) Near Court Chowk, Ambala City. 2530850, 9896085237
Dr. Shardha Ranjan MBBS (Punjab) F.R.C.P. Edmburgh
Sudershan Ranjan
13 Model Town, Ambala City. 2520126, 9896053123
Dr. Sita Ram Goel (MBBS) 7927/4, Nai Basti, Ambala City. 2510557, 9394177262
Dr. Subash Chander Goel MBBS, MD (Radiology)
Dr. Rekha Goel (MBBS)
Shivi X-Ray & Ultra Sound Centre, Nr. Arva School Chowk, Ambala City. 2553184
Dr. S. K. Mahipal (MD Pathology) 417, Sec.-9, Urban Estate, Ambala City. 2535417, 9416269106
Dr. Suhdir Kapoor (MBBS, MS (Gen. Surg.) 135/7, Shahzadpur House, Ambala City. 2553545, 9416014949
Dr. Sanjay Aggarwal (MBBS, MS)
Dr. Vani Aggarwal (MBBS, MD (Respir.) Medi.
M. M. Hospital, 6, Police Line, Ambala City. 9896121133, 9416029133
Dr. Sandeep Arora (B.D.S) # 536, Sec.-7, U. E., Ambala City. 9416095606, 9466177347
Dr. Sachin Jindal MBBS, MS MCH (Neurosurgery)
Dr. Rukman Jindal (BDS, MDS)
42, Manauli House Ambala City. 9215750999, 9215240999
Dr. Surinder Kumar Bansal (MBBS) # 1441/6, Old Post Office Road, Ambala City. 2518467, 9896218757
Dr. Sonia Oberoi (B.D.S.P.C.A.D (U.S.A) # 2, Vikas Vihar, Ambala City. 2552012, 9416022012
Dr. Saurabh Gupta (B.D.S.) # 365, Sec.-8, Ambala City. 2556174, 9896274700
Dr. Sudhir Mehta MBBS, M.S., M.Ch (Plastic Surgery)
Dr. Deepta Manocha MBBS, DOMS, DNB (OPth')
Arya Chowk, Manocha Hospital, Ambala City. 9729058872
Dr. Suresh Kumar Saini (B.D.S, M.D.S) # 421-A, Sec.-8, Ambala City. 9416446613, 9671309102
Dr. S. S. Ahulwalia (B.D.S)
Dr. Puneet Ahulwalia (B.D.S)
9810, Amb. Club Shopping Complex, Model Town, Ambala City. 9812500495, 9812100019
Dr. (Mrs.) Shashi Joshi C/o 682, Housing Board, Sec.-7, Ambala City. 9896154069
Dr. S. S. Cheema M.S. (ENT)
Dr. lnderpreet (MBBS)
9, lnder Nagar, Ambala City. 9466752100, 9814581324
Dr. Sunil Sadiq Director Phildephia Hospital Ambala City. 2553285, 9812037733
Dr. Surinder Mohan Mittal Spatu Road, Ambala City. 2444986, 9729292395
Dr. Sarabjit Singh Rai (M.S.)
Dr. Jaspreet Kaur (D.G.O.)
Baldev Nagar, Ambala City. 2542069, 9215520690
Dr. T. L. Galhotra 366, Sec.-1, Ambala City. 2552061
Dr. Umesh Mehta (MBBS, MS)
Dr. (Mrs.) Mona Mehta (MBBS, DA)
  9890400919, 9416271919
Dr. Virender Nath Sood (MBBS) 32, Bank Colony, Ambala City. 3299171, 9896470744
Dr. Vijay Bansal (MBBS) # 498, Sec.-8, Ambala City. 2531013, 9416145300
Dr. Vinod Tayal (MBBS) # 305, Sec.-9, Urban Estate, Ambala City. 2530331, 9812530331
Dr. Vipin Jain (MBBS, MD (Medicine)
Dr. Sangeeta Jain (MBBS, DGO)
13, Civil Line, Jail Land Road, Ambala CitY. 9812025005, 9416800020
Dr. Virender Arora (MBBS) 2312/2, Near Sohan Lal Girls School, Ambala City. 2444272, 9729794010
Dr. Virender Bansal (MBBS, MBA, PG Dip.)
Dr. Abha Bansal (BDS)
Dr. V. K. Bansal (MBBS, DOMS)
Dr. Manju Bansal (MBBS, DGO)
889, Sec.-7, A/City. 9996316777, 9896219069, 9896410606
Dr. V. K. Dogra (MD Pathology)
Dr. Neelam Dogra (MBBS)
# 16, Sec.-7, U. E., Ambala City. 9896077639, 9896036159
Dr. Vipin Bhatia (MBBS, MS, FMAS, FAIS)
Dr. Meenu Sharma (MBBS, DA)
388, Prem Nagar, Nr. SD Mandir Park, Ambala City. 9812332303, 9896147800
Dr. Vishal Mehra (MD PGR)
Dr. (Mrs.) Neera Mehra (MBBS, D.A.)
Mehra Hospital, lnder Nagar, Ambala City. 9996615183, 9996615182
Dr. Vikas Deepak Arora (M.D.S.) 995, Sec.-7, Ambala City. 2555106, 9813051995
Dr. Vivekanand Aggarwal # 956, Sec.-7, Urban Estate, Ambala City. 274403, 9780607070
Dr. Wajinder Singh (L.S.M.F, Pb.) 25 Kanshi Nagar, Model Town, Ambala City. 2640605, 9812094639
Dr. Waryam Singh (MBBS, MD Medicine) 46-8, Model Town, Ambala City. 2520248, 9354700001
Dr. Earl Gaganjot Jaspal (MD \Pedi.) 69, Model Town, Ambala City. 2521169, 8950785700
Ambala Cantt :-
Dr. Mrs. K. Datta M. K. Datta Hospital Cross Road No.-1, Ambala Cantt. 2642745, 9996121818 /
Hony. Secretary
Dr. Vijay Kumar Addl. Chief Medical Supdt N. Rly. Div. Hospital, Ambala Cantt. 2610266, 9729539504 /
Jt. Secretary
Dr. B. S. Khurana Khurana Hospital, Nicholson Road, Ambala Cantt. 2633187, 98965207807 / bhoopie2000@
Dr. Anurag Garg
Dr. Manisha Garg
Sneh Hospital, Mahesh Nagar, Ambala Cantt. 2661546, 9812156723
Dr. A. K. Jain 626/1, ldgah Road, Ambala Cantt. 2634046, 9896822390
Dr. A. K. Nandra Near M. C. Office, Ambala Cantt. 2643300, 9896143300
Dr. Anil K. Aggarwal 38-B, Gulati Property Dealer Road, Ambala Cantt. 2654606, 9215580610
Dr. Adarsh Verma 46-C, Raja Park, Jagadhri Road, Ambala Cantt. 2651060, 9467528640
Dr. Ajay Chandel City Eye Hospital, Near Kali Bari Mandi 2631896, 9896341942
Dr. Anil Mittal
Dr. Abha Mittal
Abhenil Hospital, Gobind Nagar, Ambala Cantt. 2651109, 9215551109
Dr. Arun Walia 4, Green Park Market, Jagadhri Road, Ambala Cantt. 2663400 9996222023
Dr. Ashok Kumar 6351/17, Punjabi Mohalla, Ambala Cantt. 2641083, 9416366892
Dr. Brij Kumar Goel (Ex. CMO) 82, Ashok Vihar, Ajit Nagar, Ambala Cantt. 9896302029
Dr. Bela Sharma 1227,Mohan Brothers, Bengali Mohalla, Ambala Cantt. 2642001
Dr. B. S. Khurana
Dr. Satvinder Khurana
Nicholson Road, Ambala Cantt. 9896256622, 9896520287
Dr. Balwant Raj (MO PHC Pathrehri) Ambala Cantt. 2660156
Dr. C. K. Mittal
Dr. Jyotsna Mittal
Nicholson Road, Ambala Cantt. 9416081777, 9416931744
Dr. D. S. Goel D. C. Road, Ambala Cantt. 2618999, 9896018999
Dr. Dinesh Bedi
Dr. Sharddha Bedi
12/77,10 Cross Road, Ambala Cantt. 2604404
Dr. D. K. Bhushan
Dr. Anita Bhushan
Jagadhri Road, Ambala Cantt. 2650707, 9354750707
Dr. Deepak Hansraj
Dr. Meenakshi Hansraj
Sadar Bazar, Tonga Stand Chowk, Ambala Cantt. 9416378082
Dr. Gulshan Nagpal Nicholson Road, Ambala Cantt. 2634075, 9896937745
Dr. Gurpreet Singh
Dr. Kirandeep
Subhash Park Road, Ambala Cantt. 2641049, 981 3081532
Dr. Jagdish Chander IPS House, PP Puram, Ambala Cantt. 2610061, 9416003888
Dr. Jatinder Gupta
Sarita Gupta
Mahesh Nagar, Ambala Cantt. 9896015805, 9315107880
Dr. Jitender Aggarwal
Dr. Madhuri Aggarwal
Topkhana Bazar, Ambala Cantt. 9466688417, 9813638124
Dr. Jintender Sharma 58, Dyal Bagh, Ambala Cantt. 2643402, 9354751783
Dr. J. K. Mittal Nicholson Road, Ambala Cantt. 2644384, 9416308084
Dr. Jagmohan Sharma
Dr. Sunidhi
Jagadhri Road, Ambala Cantt. 2662762
Dr. K. B. Thatai 43-B Ekta Vihar, Ambala Cantt. 2690690, 9416169690
Dr. K. D. Sharma
Dr. Rashmi Sharma
Jagadhri Road, Ambala Cantt. 2651882, 9812023347
Dr. K. K. Gandotra
Dr. Archna Gandotra
Near Nishat Cinema, Ambala Cantt. 9416275557, 9416778405
Dr. M. M. Datta
Dr. Kamlesh Datta
Cross Road-1, Ambala Cantt. 9992027538, 9996121818
Dr. Madhukar Aggarwal
Dr. Bharti Aggarwal
Mahesh Nagar, Ambala Cantt. 2663045, 9896699199
Dr. Mukesh Kant Gupta 6, Preet Nagar, Ambala Cantt. 2651476, 9416308037
Dr. Narinder Kumar Garg Ambala Cantt. 2663633, 9416554211
Dr. Navleen Jain
Dr. Anju Jain
2 Tribune Colony, Ambala Cantt. 9416499806, 9812078575
Dr. Neena Verma P & T Dispensary, Ambala Cantt. 2610711, 2650210
Dr. Neeraj Kalra Kothi No. 63, Palika Bazar, Mahesh Nagar, Ambala Cantt. 2651688, 9896209898
Dr. O. P. Singla Singla Hospital, Nicholson Road, Ambala Cantt. 2643323, 9416304755
Dr. Col. P. D. Sharma 5, Sec.-B, Defence Colony, Ambala Cantt. 2670952, 9416156010
Dr. Prem Sagar Ahuja 38, Kasturba Colony, Ambala Cantt. 2653252, 9896293121
Dr. Pramod Kumar Jain
Dr. Anu Jain
Mahesh Nagar, Babyal Road, Ambala Cantt. 2661590, 9896293583
Dr. Pawan Gupta
Dr. Nishi Gupta
Mahesh Nagar, Ambala Cantt. 9896093724, 9466658850
Dr. Prabhakar Sharma 2581, Bengali Mohalla, Ambala Cantt. 9416027009, 9315517009
Dr. Rakesh Kumar
Dr. Parveen Rani
60, Housing Board Colony, Ambala Cantt. 9729292317, 9896425569
Dr. Rajan Sharma Ambala Cantt. 2661043, 2661443
Dr. R. K. Aneja
Dr. Rosy Aneja
Mahesh Nagar, Ambala Cantt. 9416028186, 9416028186
Dr. Ram Partap Gupta Topkhana Bazar, Ambala Cantt. 2631072, 9416355704
Dr. Rajeev Gupta Punjabi Mohalla, Ambala Cantt. 9416081813, 9896319885
Dr. Rajesh Loomba
Dr. Poonam Loomba
Jagadhri Road, Ambala Cantt. 9812068875, 9896126520
Dr. Ravinder Kapoor 5547, Nicholson Road, Ambala Cantt. 2641340, 94161 35340
Dr. Ravi Vohra
Dr. AditiVohra
Nicholson Road, Ambala Cantt. 9215142422
Dr. S. K. Dhawan Jagadhri Road, Ambala Cantt. 2663862, 9812038750
Dr. Surinder K. Goel Jagadhri Road, Ambala Cantt. 2651999, 9812180288
Dr. S. K. Jaiswal
Dr. Phool Lata Jaiswal
D.C. Road, Ambala Cantt. 2630331, 9416157551
Dr. Sat Pal Agganval
Dr. Santosh Agganral
35, Rani Bagh, Ambala Cantt. 2651425
Dr. Sah Dev Gupta
Dr. Brij Bala Gupta
Jagadhri Road, Ambala Cantt. 2658768, 2658767
Dr. Maj. S. K. Garg 5362, Cross Road, Punjabi Mohalla, Ambala Cantt. 2633253, 9416020597
Dr. Subahash Dhamija
Dr. Santosh Dhamija
Nicholson Road, Ambala Cantt. 2630918931, 5443540
Dr. Sudarsh Gupta 4261-63, Cross Road-2, Punjabi Mohalla, Ambala Cantt. 2640151, 9416378388
Dr. Suresh Sharma Jagadhri Road, Ambala Cantt. 2655080, 9416020793
Dr. Sameer Gupta
Dr. Sarita Gupta
Jagadhri Road, Ambala Cantt. 9315107880, 9896293121
Dr. Tarsem Bhandari
Dr. Reeta Bhandari
14-15, Rajindra Park, Ambala Cantt. 9812016470, 9813050063
Dr. Tarsem Monga
Dr. Asha Monga
Jagadhri Road, Ambala Cantt. 2651688, 9896065168
Dr. Vivek Malhotra
Dr. Anupama Malhotra
Punjabi Mohalla, Ambala Cantt. 2642328, 9896000791
Dr. V. K. Goel 65, Green Park, Ambala Cantt. 2650860, 9416082089
Dr. V. K. Gupta 5417, Punjabi Mohalla, Ambala Cantt. 2632551, 9416321779
Dr. Vikas Mittal Ambala Cantt 9315516655
Dr. Vinay Chopra Nicholson Road, Ambala Cantt. 2652899, 9729052899
Dr. Vinay Gupta
Dr. Lakshami Gupta
# 5426 Vinay Lodge, Grain Market, Ambala Cantt. 9896465572, 9813050075
Dr. Vinod Aggarwal Sarafa Bazar, Ambala Cantt. 2618439, 9466645069
Dr. Yash Pal Aggarwal Vashishth Nagar, Babyal Road, Ambala Cantt. 2651437, 9896730703
Dr. Y. Bisaria Nicholson Road, Ambala Cantt. 2631884, 9896063315
Dr. Ateek Ahmed 161-B, Railway Colony, Ambala Cantt. 2611893, 9729539511
Dr. P. Prasad E-14, RailVihar, Ambala Cantt. 2610285, 9729539505
Dr. Vijay Kumar E-12, Rail Vihar, Ambala Cantt. 2611081, 9729539504
Dr. Rakesh Kumar E-11 Rail Vihar, Ambala Cantt. 2610577, 9729539508
Dr. Bharat Lal E-25, Rail Vihar, Ambala Cantt. 261086, 9729539503
Dr. G. S. Anand
Dr. Bimla Anand
363, Sector-1, Jail Land, Ambala City. 9729539509, 9416986363
Dr. Kathakali Das
Dr. Biplab Das
D-8, Rail Vihar, Ambala Cantt. 9729539524, 999682559
Dr. Boneee Singh
Dr. Bharti Dua
58-B, Nishant Garden Behind, B. D. Flour Mill, Ambala Cantt. 9996333577, 9671677105
Dr. Om Parkash Paatni
Dr. Ranjana Paatni
373-D, Railway Colony, Ambala Cantt. 9729539520, 9729539521
Dr. UrmilGupta
Dr. Hitesh
369-B/Il, Railway Colony, Ambala Cantt. 9729539523, 9467003812

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